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Norfolk Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Tiles
Natural Stone Tiles
Natural Stone Flooring

Natural Stone Tiles

Let us help you choose the right natural stone tiles for your home

Create a luxurious, relaxed feel in your home with Natural Stone tiles and flooring. With numerous textures available and pallets of cream, beige and grey, you’ll find floor tiles for living areas which complement both modern and antique classic styles in our showroom.

Natural Stone Tiles in bathrooms

The use of natural stone in a bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. Luxurious marble’s and the calming tones of limestone create wonderful spaces for relaxation.

Natural Stone Tiles and Natural Stone Flooring

If you’re looking for natural stone tiles or natural stone flooring, make sure you visit Norwich Tile Centre today. We have the probably largest range of natural stone wall tilesand natural stone flooring in Norfolk, including:

•   Tumbled Travertine tiles and flooring
•   Limestone tiles and flooring
•   Slate tiles and flooring
•   Marble tiles and flooring
•   Sandstone tiles and flooring
•   Terracotta tiles and flooring
•   Honed Travertine tiles and flooring
•   Granite tiles and flooring